Cylor Ryles

Founder & Chairman, Executive Director

In 2021, Cylor founded Ends Meet, a music & arts blog that highlighted independent artists with compelling stories. His lifelong love for music, combined with years of studying audio & visual production, have enabled him to transform Ends Meet from a blog into a non-profit organization dedicated to helping aspiring artists.

Since its inception, Cylor has overseen every aspect of organizational operations, including graphic design for web & social media, writing editorials for the blog, volunteer recruitment, organizational planning, bookkeeping, and web design.

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Stephen "Brad" Jenkins

Director - Outreach & Development

Brad is a vocalist & multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience in the music industry across several genres. With a background in professional audio, he’s incredibly passionate about the artistic process and fine-tuning the details of an artist’s music, especially when mixing & mastering.

After transitioning from a music blog into a non-profit organization, Brad became involved with Ends Meet and was promptly appointed to the Board of Directors, overseeing our outreach initiatives & organizational development.

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Holden "Bones" Barron

Director - Events & Programs

Bones has always gravitated towards music. He’s an incredibly gifted rapper with a uniquely-Southern style and confident stage presence. His resourcefulness & networking skills have allowed him to connect with numerous talented artists and secure opening performances for several major acts. 

Bones has several years of experience in event-planning for charity, hosting the annual Summer Jam festival in Acadiana. He was appointed to the Board of Directors after becoming involved in Ends Meet, and oversees live event coordination & our funding programs for artists in

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George "TK" King III

Artist & Community Outreach

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Niyelle Patton

Social Media & Community Outreach

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Kjerstyn Jordheim

Social Media & Community Outreach

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Emma Brad-Black

Artist & Community Outreach, Social Media

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Andrew Baum

Community Outreach & Fundraising

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