At the onset of a global pandemic, Louisiana’s premier music & art festival was forced to make a series of cancellations amidst public health concerns...

Now, BUKU is back, just in time for the 10th anniversary.

The uniquely local flair of the BUKU Music + Art Project has always embodied the creative spirit of post-Katrina New Orleans. With a clear passion for New Orleans’ culture, the festival is an immersive, community-focused event that showcases visual artists, street performers, and live music, always with a super diverse lineup of artists from across the nation.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the BUKU Music + Art Project, but it’s been almost three years since the festival has gone down. The pandemic has not been kind to BUKU. In March of 2020, the festival was forced to postpone just as preparations were underway. 

And while several plans were made to reschedule the event later that year, it wasn’t able to happen. Even just last fall, plans for “BUKU: Planet B” were cut short by mounting concerns surrounding outbreaks of the Delta variant. 


Now, it’s back and better than ever.

And with one of the most diverse lineups that the BUKU Music + Art Project has ever offered, there's something for literally everyone.

Just take a look below, it's insane.

The foundation was started by the BUKU Music + Art Project and strives to inspire & empower New Orleans-area young people through a modern approach to music education.

For more information about the BUKU Music + Art Project, including info about the event, performance schedule, ticketing, & a full breakdown of the lineup, check out the official website below.

Check out our exclusive Spotify playlist below, tailor-made to get the #buku2022 festival vibes ready.

*This year, Ends Meet is an official media partner with BUKU Fest. Stay tuned for more festival coverage, including our photo reel, editorials, & exclusive artist interviews.